A Turn for the Best

on 15 March 0 Comment
Mockup for fashion island corporate, retail, web site, newport beach, california, Orange County, OC, irvine company
Mockup for updating Fashion Island, Newport Beach retail web site.

Almost ten years with possibly the largest real estate developer in the country, and a pretty big fish in Orange County, California, I wasn’t exactly prepared for the next chapter in my career. After the 2008-2009 real estate crash and subsequent layoffs at my place of employment, I found myself scrambling to make sense of it all.

What next? Now what?

The previous chapter in my career had given way to many large-scale, highly visible projects with great people, professionalism and all that a corporate structure of this magnitude had to offer. Suddenly thrust into a do or die situation, I had to create something greater than a cool website or a nice looking brochure, I had to create the next chapter in my career life.

More to come… please stay tuned.