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When switching gears from print to web to motion graphics, one wonders if this can be done without breaking the stride of the designer, and deliver on time for the project. In the case of David Bradshaw and Point of View Design, it is possible to achieve.

David delivered the intro, multimedia piece that communicated the idea we were trying to convey in a very efficient manner. Not only that, we were in awe at how he was able to switch gears from print and web assets that he was working on at the time, and deliver this piece that looked amazing.

First, the original graphics had been designed over months of business analysis, mockups, wireframes, focus groups and user feedback that helped give focus to the design, navigation and heirarchy to the SharePoint intranet site. The go live date soon approached for replacing the existing site. The existing site had a few years under it’s belt by now. In addition, there was the challenge of migrating all the design, files, business assets from the previous version of SharePoint in a way that would also compliment the new layout and functionality of SharePoint 2013.

The day arrived for the announcement. David went to work on a couple ideas on his own time and one day showed up with a completed video with sound, visual and animation that you see here. There was very little left to do once this was ready except to deliver via an enterprise email tool… which David was also up to speed on. He created the html email template used, included the video then the announcement, including video, was distributed to the entire 11,000 employee user base. Very well done.