Irvine Public Schools Foundation

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This particular video project was to help promote the Irvine Public Schools Foundation and the student population of the Irvine Unified School District. Through it’s charity and fundraising efforts, the program supports the arts and sciences throughout the schools and so, ironically, the band Young the Giant grew up in this very school system and I’m sure benefited from the various arts programs supported here.

David did such a fine job of working with the artists of Young the Giant when we did this ad. David has always been great to work on everything we’ve done with him. From the IPSF raffle website to printed pieces to the video that you see here. He is a one man rock band. — Neda E.

Irvine Public School Foundation
Supporting Irvine Public School Foundation

What I love about video is it is both the visual AND the sound. Although this makes it doubly complicated, done right it is doubly rewarding, too. This is probably why so many people are drawn to the film and video arts. TV, film and all the ways it can be used and shown today are just more reason that it is here to stay. Welcome aboard!